A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Collect. Manage. Trade.

“Mount Doom” is a minimalist idler, where you take on the role of an overlord who commands their heroes on quests. You may also trade them with other players. The quests, once ordered, progress on their own, whilst the trading takes time until concluded. Uncover all heroes, level up your favorite ones, or unlock narrative beats of the world.

Markus Vollmer - Lead Programming, Game Design, Network Engineering

Frederike Hantschel - Game and Content Design, UI/UX Design and Programming, Sound Production,  2D Art

Sarah Rac  - Tech Art, Emotional Support

This project was realized as a Bachelor companion project at the University of Applied Science, Darmstadt. 


MtDoomWin.zip 40 MB
MtDoomAnd.apk 46 MB
MtDoomMac.app.zip 49 MB

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